Lets build you a customized car sharing platform

How to use Mobokey and its car-sharing platform? To understand Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing, Peer-to-peer car-sharing (also known as person-to-person car-sharing and peer-to-peer car rental) is the process whereby existing car owners make their vehicles available for others to rent for short periods of time. For more info click here. Who are our clients who need a customized car-sharing platform? Rental Car Companies: Car rental companies are one of the biggest clients that we have. Rental companies have always been fed up with the fact that they had to pass on physical keys to their clients and once the car has been shared, there is no possibility [...]


Car Sharing made easy with Car Chabi

With unlimited features of use, Car Chabi allows you to access, secure and share the car. Just install the Car Chabi device in your car and/or fleet of cars and allows the owner to share them without any hassle at all. Mobokey is transforming the way how we share cars. In this economy of shared resources, where car sales are going down. With Mobokey's car-sharing platform, we are making sure that the owner is allowed to share the car with whomever they want. You can share their car as per the need of the renter. With our platform, you can [...]


Can physical key be used to access car with the Car Chabi

One of the most common questions that we get from our customers is using the physical key after installing Car Chabi app. Mobokey makes sure that our customers get the best of the service. This is why we have provided access using a smartphone app as well as giving the option of using keys as well. Since all the possible situations were kept in mind while designing Mobokey. Therefore, another use case was also discussed where the user could use the car key to access the car. How to use the physical key to access the car with Car Chabi [...]


Difference between Car Chabi and MoboKey

Mobokey and Car Chabi, both are the devices that allow access via a smartphone app and replace car key. But there is a catch. They are not the same. They are different in many ways. This article will explain the differences between Mobokey and Car Chabi. Differences Mobokey is our flagship product and Mobokey provides a list of features for the customers other than Car Chabi. Access Car without the Key using a smartphone app Sharing Platform Mobokey has a complete car-sharing platform which enables the car-sharing companies to share and earn money with an ease of doing business. These [...]


When and why I need to use an immobilizer bypass module

As Mobokey allows the user to remotely start the car from the smartphone, therefore, we need to install an immobilizer module in the car. An automobile has an immobilizer or immobiliser, an electronic security device. It prevents the engine from running unless the correct transponder car key (or a key fob) is present. The engine starts only when a specific code is received to the Engine Control Unit(ECU). Immobilizers are mandatory in all new cars sold in Germany since 1 January 1998, in the United Kingdom and other countries as well. Why use the Immobilizer bypass module? An immobilizer bypass module allows the user to remotely start [...]


Does Car Chabi work with Stick Shift/Manual cars

Car Chabi is compatible with 99% of the cars in the market right now including manual or stick shift cars! We have installed in almost all the cars in the market. We have installed the device in over 5000 cars and growing. From German, Japanese, American and other European manufacturers, our device proves to be compatible with all of the mentioned. Our device is compatible with 99% of the cars in the market. Which means that our device is compatible with all kinds of cars. From Key start to Push Start. From Manual/Stick Shift to Auto cars. How to install [...]


Why not worry about keys inside the car

For the car to start remotely, we ask to place the key inside the car. But people are a little hesitant to put the key inside the car. With Mobokey, your car is more secure than ever before. We have multiple security features that enhance the security of the car with our device. It differs from car to car. The security is different when it comes to push start and key start. Push Start cars To remotely start the car, you need to put the smart remote inside the car. Reason being that the ECU has to recognize the remote to [...]


Why is it safe to place your key inside the car

Car Chabi allows the user to remotely start the car from a smartphone but we recommend to keep a backup key inside the car. The reason for keeping the key inside in a safe spot is in case of an emergency! Mobokey makes sure that even if someone gets the hold of the car key, they would not be able to start. The reason being the security mechanism installed in the device. Backup Key in Smartphone Car Chabi serves the purpose to eliminate the use of the key. We have made sure that the device is robust and can withstand [...]


Control multiple cars with one app

Mobokey is a smartphone app that allows you to control multiple cars with one app. With Mobokey’s platform, users can simply access, secure and share the car. Since, we provide a single platform, that enables the users to perform all the functions that they need in their smartphone. Therefore, removing the need to carry car keys at all. This feature is vastly used for car sharing and rental car companies. That is why Mobokey is just the perfect solution for car-sharing companies. How to control multiple cars with one app? This is rather a simple process. Install the devices in [...]


Bluetooth based Car Access Module for Car Sharing Companies

Car Chabi is undoubtedly a Bluetooth based Universal Car Access Module. As Car Chabi is compatible with 95% of cars in the market right now. Bluetooth Based Car Access Module Why do we use Bluetooth to access the car? The reason behind using Bluetooth is simple. You can get more information on this topic in our blog. The PRO module for car access is the best solution for any car sharing or a rental company. Our device allows two most important features for them. We provide access and security for the cars. Best Solution for Car Sharing companies Car Access [...]



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