Car Chabi Vs. Remote Starters Vs. Viper systems: Which is better?

If you are looking to buy a remote starter, then this place is where you should start. Car technology is evolving every day.  The technology has been around for a while and depending on what you're looking for, there are many different options available. Currently, we have three major players in the market, Aftermarket remote starters like Python 5706P,  with Remote Starters System, Viper Smart Remote Starter, and Car Chabi. Let's discuss them in detail, with their pros and cons. Remote Starters Vs. Viper systems Vs. Car Chabi Python 5706P with Remote Starters: This two-way, LCD remote starter, and pager [...]


Why is MoboKey preferred for rental fleets

MoboKey device is designed to facilitate rental fleets and car-sharing companies. This is why MoboKey is preferred to be used in small and medium-sized rental car fleets. Our major focus is the companies that want to automate the sharing and security of cars. The following are features that make MoboKey a preference for rental fleets. 1 - Booking of cars As the owner of a fleet, you should be able to book the cars for your customers. The owner only needs the email address of the customer to book a car. 2 - Time and access level The owner should [...]


Which Mobokey device is best for you?

Car Chabi and Mobokey device caters to all your car access, security and car-sharing needs. We have 3 different variants of the Mobokey devices These 3 variants are Basic, Plus and Pro. In this article, we will try to discuss all of them in detail and which device is best suited for your needs. Is CAM Pro what you need? CAM Pro is a complete package that fulfills all the needs from access, security, and sharing of the vehicle. If you are inclined to buy CAM Pro, you can ask yourself the following questions. Do you need a device that [...]


Electrical safety equipment and fuse box of Car Chabi

In terms of electrical component safety, we are always looking for securing the equipment in your vehicle. We have made sure that your car is safe when our device is being installed. This is why we have spent hours to make sure that the device you have meets all the electrical safety standards. What electrical safety equipment is being used by Car Chabi? Internal Relays We are using internal relays for device protection. These relays only allow a certain amount of current to pass through the device making sure that your vehicle's wiring is safe. External Relays The external relays [...]


How Car Chabi proximity lock unlock works

Proximity lock unlock is a feature in which the car locks & unlocks depending upon the distance between the car and phone. One of the best features using Car Chabi in the car is proximity lock and unlock. Using this feature, our users do not need to tap on any button on the phone to lock/unlock the car! This feature gives the users an easy way to access the car. We are making sure that the user does not have to press any keys at all. How to configure Proximity Lock/Unlock On the top right side, select Settings -> Proximity [...]


Car Security Issue and Car Chabi

Car Security has been a problem for ages and with Car Chabi we are trying to solve this issue. Car Chabi is one of the most modern devices available in the market when it comes to car security. We know that our ground-breaking car security is one of the reasons to buy the Car Chabi app. Car Chabi app allows the user to secure the car using a smartphone. With our features like Anti-snatch and Anti-theft mode, we are one of the best solutions in the market. How do we cater to the car security issue? Anti-Snatch Mode Anti-Snatch mode [...]


Easy car access for everyone with Car Chabi

We are providing easy car access for everyone with Car Chabi. A device is installed in a car allowing the users to control their car without using the car keys. The interface is so simple that your parents can access the car without any issues. The app is like a remote but on your smartphone. Just download the app. Pair and use! That is it! Car Chabi's Auto Connection and Proximity We have made sure that you don't have to put the smartphone out of your pocket. Once, you are in the connection zone, the device recognizes the phone and [...]


Car Sharing made easy with Car Chabi and Mobokey

With unlimited features of use, Car Chabi allows you to access, secure and share the car. Just install the device in your car and/or fleet of cars and allows the owner to share them without any hassle at all. That is why Car Chabi has become an enabler for the car-sharing market.  Car Chabi is transforming the way we share cars. In this economy of shared resources, where car sales are going down. With Mobokey's car-sharing platform, we are making sure that the owner is allowed to share the car with whomever they want. You can share their car as [...]


Control your car AC with Car Chabi

Mobokey allows you to control your car AC with ease. Because, when it comes to car control with smartphones, Mobokey is the answer. Mobokey is solving the daily life problems of car users. Not only start the car but also allowing them to control the AC of the car. Mobokey's system gets connected with the blower of your car and allows you to turn on and off the blower of the car. With Mobokey, you can remotely start the car. And when you start the car, the car automatically turns on the compressor and turning on the air conditioner. This [...]


Lets build you a customized car sharing platform

How to use Mobokey and its car-sharing platform? To understand Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing, Peer-to-peer car-sharing (also known as person-to-person car-sharing and peer-to-peer car rental) is the process whereby existing car owners make their vehicles available for others to rent for short periods of time. For more info click here. Who are our clients who need a customized car-sharing platform? Rental Car Companies: Car rental companies are one of the biggest clients that we have. Rental companies have always been fed up with the fact that they had to pass on physical keys to their clients and once the car has been shared, there is no possibility [...]

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