The next big thing is flying cars, now is Car Chabi remote starter

2020 has been a remarkable year for remote starters. Even though it was being widely discussed with telematics and car data gathering. But it reached its peak in late June 2020. There are speculations when it comes to the next big thing in remote starters. We are hearing rumors of Apple collaborating with Range Rover as well but they are currently just rumors. Apple car keys news spread like a wildfire in a COVID struck world. Apple car key was considered to be the next big thing in remote starters but the bubble burst when we heard that it would [...]


4 simple steps to get Apple Car Key in 2020

After the news that Apple will be allowing its users to start their BMW cars with their iPhone. Apple's car key is the keyword for the year 2020. Remote starters are available in the market for years but their sales have seen a spike after this news. There are 4 simple yet very expensive steps to get Apple Car Key in 2020. 4 simple steps to get Apple Car Key in 2020 Get an Apple device Obviously getting an Apple device is not cheap. If you are using iPhone 6 or above then great. But if you don't, then you [...]


Unique selling points of Car Chabi Remote Access

A key feature that has been attracting a lot of customers is remote access. We are allowing individuals and companies to have remote access in their cars and this is our unique selling point. As per our research, people like to remotely lock/unlock and start their cars. Just like Car Chabi, there are others who are working on remote access but their efforts are to unlock the car. This is where we come in! The unique selling point of Car Chabi's remote access Car Chabi uses Bluetooth and it makes sure that the customer's lives are made easier. We provide [...]


MoboKey vs Car Chabi: Which is better?

Mobokey and Car Chabi, both are the devices that allow access via a smartphone app and replace car key. But they are not the same. This article will explain the differences between Mobokey and Car Chabi. MoboKey vs Car Chabi: Which is better? Differences MoboKey Car Chabi Access Allows the user to lock/unlock & start/stop the vehicle. Allows the user to lock/unlock & start/stop the vehicle. Security Allows the user to secure the car all time. Allows the user to the car all the time. Sharing Platform* Has its own online vehicle sharing platform. Has an offline vehicle sharing. Access-based [...]


How Car Chabi is different from any other remote starters?

There are a lot of remote starters that are available in the market. Remote starters allow the user to remotely access the car, without the intervention of car keys. Car Chabi is a similar remote starter but it has a lot to offer than any other system. It is a Bluetooth based car access module, that is not just limited to access but also secures the car. Different from remote starters Proximity Access Car Chabi is one of the very few remote starters that allow proximity access to a car. It recognizes the phone and automatically connects with it. We [...]


Why is remote access the future for cars?

Remote access is the future of the automotive industry. Imagine you can lock, unlock, start, stop, and secure your car using a smartphone app with any hassle of carrying car keys. All you need is a smartphone. Remote access for future of cars Car Chabi is redefining car access by allowing remote lock and unlock. The car can be accessed with a smartphone app. Our customers want to unlock the car with the phone which is the most important thing when it comes to access. We allow the customer to lock and unlock their cars with great ease. Similarly, with [...]


Car Security Issue and Car Chabi

Car Security has been a problem for ages and with Car Chabi we are trying to solve this issue. Car Chabi is one of the most modern devices available in the market when it comes to car security. We know that our ground-breaking car security is one of the reasons to buy the Car Chabi app. Car Chabi app allows the user to secure the car using a smartphone. With our features like Anti-snatch and Anti-theft mode, we are one of the best solutions in the market. How do we cater to the car security issue? Anti-Snatch Mode Anti-Snatch mode [...]


Easy car access for everyone with Car Chabi

We are providing easy car access for everyone with Car Chabi. A device is installed in a car allowing the users to control their car without using the car keys. The interface is so simple that your parents can access the car without any issues. The app is like a remote but on your smartphone. Just download the app. Pair and use! That is it! Car Chabi's Auto Connection and Proximity We have made sure that you don't have to put the smartphone out of your pocket. Once, you are in the connection zone, the device recognizes the phone and [...]


Car Sharing made easy with Car Chabi and Mobokey

With unlimited features of use, Car Chabi allows you to access, secure and share the car. Just install the device in your car and/or fleet of cars and allows the owner to share them without any hassle at all. That is why Car Chabi has become an enabler for the car-sharing market.  Car Chabi is transforming the way we share cars. In this economy of shared resources, where car sales are going down. With Mobokey's car-sharing platform, we are making sure that the owner is allowed to share the car with whomever they want. You can share their car as [...]


Control your car AC with Car Chabi

Mobokey allows you to control your car AC with ease. Because, when it comes to car control with smartphones, Mobokey is the answer. Mobokey is solving the daily life problems of car users. Not only start the car but also allowing them to control the AC of the car. Mobokey's system gets connected with the blower of your car and allows you to turn on and off the blower of the car. With Mobokey, you can remotely start the car. And when you start the car, the car automatically turns on the compressor and turning on the air conditioner. This [...]



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