Car Chabi is undoubtedly a Bluetooth based Universal Car Access Module. As Car Chabi is compatible with 95% of cars in the market right now.

Bluetooth Based Car Access Module

Why do we use Bluetooth to access the car? The reason behind using Bluetooth is simple. You can get more information on this topic in our blog. The PRO module for car access is the best solution for any car sharing or a rental company. Our device allows two most important features for them. We provide access and security for the cars.

Best Solution for Car Sharing companies

Car Access Module Pro is also known as Car Chabi. Mobokey is the platform which is used for the sharing your car whereas Car Chabi provides access and security to the car. Our device is designed while keeping the necessities of these companies in foresight. We provide a complete platform, which gives the company owners the following:

Access with the Company owners

Following are the access points that can be used to control the car.

  • Location of the shared
  • Updated location after 1 min
  • Remove access at any point
  • Increase the time at any point
  • Increase the access level at any point


How Mobokey works?

  • Install the device in your car
  • Download the app for PlayStore or AppStore
  • Sign up on the app
  • Claim Ownership of the car
  • Enter the pairing key
  • Share the car to the user using email id
  • Set time and access level

Above stated are the steps to share the car using Mobokey, which is our car sharing platform.

These steps are further explained in this diagram below.

The image above explains how Mobokey works. It is really easy to use. It is very easy to share the car using Mobokey. You can also visit our Youtube page to see how easy it is.

We understand the need for car sharing and this is the reason we are using Car Chabi and Mobokey.