A key feature that has been attracting a lot of customers is remote access. We are allowing individuals and companies to have remote access in their cars and this is our unique selling point. As per our research, people like to remotely lock/unlock and start their cars. Just like Car Chabi, there are others who are working on remote access but their efforts are to unlock the car. This is where we come in!

The unique selling point of Car Chabi’s remote access

Car Chabi uses Bluetooth and it makes sure that the customer’s lives are made easier. We provide proximity controls for your car, making sure that the device recognizes your phone.

Proximity lock/unlock

Proximity lock unlock is a feature in which the car locks & unlocks depending upon the distance between the car and phone. One of the best features using Car Chabi in the car is proximity lock and unlock. So, using this feature, our users do not need to tap on any button on the phone to lock/unlock the car! This feature gives the users an easy way to access the car. We are making sure that the user does not have to press any keys at all.

Proximity start/stop

With the Car Chabi app, you can set proximity start and stop ranges. Using Proximity, Car Chabi allows the user to remove the hassle of carrying car keys. With proximity, Start/Stop proximity, or Smart key activation(For Push Start). Car Chabi enables the user to easily access, secure, and share the car. Proximity works differently for Turn-Key Start and Push Start.

Unlimited keys

We have had long discussions with our clients to come up with a solution i.e. Car Chabi. We allow the users to have unlimited car keys to share.

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