We are providing easy car access for everyone with Car Chabi. A device is installed in a car allowing the users to control their car without using the car keys. The interface is so simple that your parents can access the car without any issues. The app is like a remote but on your smartphone.

Just download the app. Pair and use! That is it!

Car Chabi’s Auto Connection and Proximity

We have made sure that you don’t have to put the smartphone out of your pocket. Once, you are in the connection zone, the device recognizes the phone and automatically connects. Without any human intervention. We have made sure that Auto Connection is as surreal as it can be.

Another amazing feature that Car Chabi has is Proximity. When a person comes near to the car, it automatically unlocks and they are in the starting zone, the car automatically starts. Which makes Car Chabi a perfect fit for everyone.

Easy Access for everyone

We realize that car owners and drivers range from 18 to 80 years of age. This is why we have designed an app easy to use. We aim to make the lives of our customers easier. We don’t want them to look for the keys in their purses and pockets. Car Chabi will do the work for you.

More importantly, every new car in the market is going to have this feature installed in the coming years, so why not get used to this before time.

So, Download your application here: Go to Play Store or App Store!

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So, Start, Unlock and Share your car with Mobokey and Control Car via Smartphone!