Control multiple cars with one app

Mobokey is a smartphone app that allows you to control multiple cars with one app. With Mobokey’s platform, users can simply access, secure and share the car. Since, we provide a single platform, that enables the users to perform all the functions that they need in their smartphone. Therefore, removing the need to carry car keys at all. This feature is vastly used for car sharing and rental car companies. That is why Mobokey is just the perfect solution for car-sharing companies. How to control multiple cars with one app? This is rather a simple process. Install the devices in [...]


Bluetooth based Car Access Module for Car Sharing Companies

Car Chabi is undoubtedly a Bluetooth based Universal Car Access Module. As Car Chabi is compatible with 95% of cars in the market right now. Bluetooth Based Car Access Module Why do we use Bluetooth to access the car? The reason behind using Bluetooth is simple. You can get more information on this topic in our blog. The PRO module for car access is the best solution for any car sharing or a rental company. Our device allows two most important features for them. We provide access and security for the cars. Best Solution for Car Sharing companies Car Access [...]


A Complete Guide to Control your car with Smartphone

If you want to control your car with a Smartphone app then Car Chabi is what you are looking for. Car Chabi is providing the best and easiest way of giving you access to your car.   How to install Car Chabi device? First of all, you install Car Chabi device in your car. We provide you with the complete set of wiring and relays. We also provide complete wiring diagrams. The installed process becomes very smooth with the help of these diagrams. We can also provide assistance over the phone and Skype. We are providing installation services, in UAE, some [...]


A Bluetooth Based Car Security in your Smartphone

Car Chabi is not just your car key remote in the smartphone, because it also provides your car the most advanced security. Our device is designed to keep your mind in peace. How does the security work? After getting the Car Chabi device installed, your car key remote and security will be in the palm of your hand. The device installed in your car will automatically sense your smartphone and will connect with your car. When you move away from the car, the AUTO SECURITY feature activates itself and secures the car as soon as you move away from the [...]


Why Car Chabi: Car Key Remote In Smartphone

Car Chabi is your Car Key Remote in Smartphone Application using Bluetooth Smart. Car Chabi is Bluetooth hardware that will be installed in your car and it will allow you to perform the following functions: Lock/Unlock your car. Start your car from a distance. Turn the air conditioning on. Automatically Secure your car when you are away. It allows you to share your car whenever and wherever you want. with your smartphone application. Car Chabi allows you to control your car using a Bluetooth based device that gives you remote access to your car in your smartphone. Using a smartphone application, [...]



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