Car Chabi is your Car Key Remote in Smartphone Application using Bluetooth Smart.

Car Chabi is Bluetooth hardware that will be installed in your car and it will allow you to perform the following functions:

  • Lock/Unlock your car.
  • Start your car from a distance.
  • Turn the air conditioning on.
  • Automatically Secure your car when you are away.
  • It allows you to share your car whenever and wherever you want.

with your smartphone application. Car Chabi allows you to control your car using a Bluetooth based device that gives you remote access to your car in your smartphone. Using a smartphone application, you can have all the above-stated features. 

Now coming to the question Why is Car Chabi good for your car?



There are numerous reasons. The most important one is the security of your car. Car Chabi secures your car just as you move away from your car. Our smart device is connected with the Bluetooth of your Smartphone and your car automatically activates the security as soon as you are away from your car. Unlike, these old tracker systems, our device cannot be made useless with jammers. Trackers nowadays can be jammed and have become an old technology whereas, our device is a new Bluetooth based system that is providing cutting-edge technology, way more secure and dependable than these old tracking systems.


Car access is another feature worth mentioning of the Car Chabi device. Car Chabi allows you to lock/unlock your car from a smartphone application. Not only this but it also allows remote starting of your car from your smartphone application. Basically, Car Chabi is your Car Key Remote in a Smartphone Application. It also removes the hassle of carrying car keys all the time. As you move towards the car, the app automatically connects with the car. When you approach the car, it unlocks and when you sit in it, it starts the car, without you doing anything at all.


Car Chabi also enables you to share your car with anyone you want. Car Chabi makes sure that you are able to share your car with whoever you like. It makes sure that you can give access to your Car and places your car key remote in their Smartphone Application. With our device and application, your car more secure and accessible for you and your family. Car Chabi provides you the ease of access and more control of your car even when you are away.

Car Chabi device has been installed in more than 3000 cars internationally and it is compatible with 99% of cars in the market. We are providing remote access to more than 3000 customers all around the world using Bluetooth Smart technology. You can watch demo videos on our youtube channel: Car Chabi

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