Car Chabi Pro Device


(35 customer reviews)

Car Chabi device comes with one year warranty of the device and includes wiring and relays necessary for installation.

The package includes the installation material and fitting material. The device comes with both push start and self start setups and is compatible with automatic and manual transmissions.

External Antenna and a protection fuse is included in the package.

Device comes with a CE certification and safety fuse.


Full Refund: We provide you with all your money back if the device is not delivered.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 29 × 18 × 6 cm

35 reviews for Car Chabi Pro Device

  1. Abraha Alhusain

    I hope it gets better. I am looking forward for more range.
    I want it to be on the internet.

  2. Flynn Rodd

    Great experience with your device. i will recommend your device to more people.

  3. Harrison Flack

    I am using this on my Samsung Galaxy S7. And I am starting my Mustang with my phone.!
    Could you guys just increase range maybe on internet or GSM?

  4. Marcus Casimaty

    I got my device in Austrailia. Good work guys.I am enjoying the features of a Tesla Model 3 in my Toyota Camry :D.
    Awesome! Lovin it!

  5. Hayyan Nash’at

    It is a good device. I am using it in car. Sharing feature is my favourite. I and my brother can share car very easily. it is very useful for me.

  6. Nate Mendes

    I purchase your device and it work fantastic. soon i m going to contact you for my other car.

  7. Philip Batard

    Car Chabi est un appareil incroyable. Cela m’aide dans ma vie quotidienne. Je suis vraiment impressionné. la livraison a été très rapide. Je suis amoureux de cette chose. JE VOUS AIME LES GARS!

  8. Roland J. Allen

    Now my car works on phone. No need of key now. Good job car chabi

  9. Leroy Rochon

    It has been a great pleasure using your app. I am very happy with its performance in my Renault Clio.

  10. Dirk Mahler

    Car Chabi guys. You totally rock. This is working so good in my 2006 Mazda Verisa

  11. Jesse P. Raymond

    Awesome device, great working loved your effort guys.

  12. Maymun Naifeh

    منتج رائع. هذه الشركة الصخرة

  13. Abdul-Hafiz Hazim

    The next killer product.

  14. Jaroslav Bouška

    Good product. I like it.

  15. Paul A. Daley

    I will definitely tell everyone about your amazing product. It is really a game changer in this car control. I hope that you guys come with great products like that.

  16. سپید خویینی

    با تشکر از خدمات عالی من اجازه خواهم داد که پدرم این را بفهمد، او واقعا می تواند از استفاده کند! شما بچه ها سنگ

  17. William F. Gonzalez

    Nice technology. I am happy with this product. Easy interface for my dad.

  18. Anastazja Hewitt

    Got the app and device. Very quick service.
    Made my life easier. I am completely keyless now.
    Thanks, Car Chabi.

  19. William L. Parker

    I got relieved from starting my car with the key, now I can start my car through Car Chabi application.

  20. Matthias Bayer

    Works great in my Honda Accord. You guys rock! 😀

  21. Rohan Gavaskar

    Got my device in US. Delivery was very quick..
    I hope we can get in touch. I need this for a fleet of my cars.
    Looking forward to working with you guys.

  22. Roland Glenn

    The delivery of the device was quick and efficient. I received the package in 3 days.
    The device is exactly as described.

  23. Hakim Raza

    Thank you for this awesome product. Totally recommended!!!

  24. Kevin Barth

    I am very happy using it in my BMW M3. It is really an amazing experience.
    One thing i want more is that you guys start tracking as well. It would be great if you could give tracking in my phone too.

  25. John K. Spears

    Installed your device in my car. It works perfect

  26. Brogan Wilks


  27. Shuang She

    Fantastic, I’m totally blown away by car chabi <3

  28. Frederick Whittle

    Good device.

  29. Donald J. Williams

    i got my device on given date and it works perfect. it has all the features they said it would have. really appreciate your work guys! cheers. D

  30. Manual Patrick

    My experience with this device has been phenomenal. I am very satisfied with its performance. Just as they advertise.
    I recommend everyone to at least try this one time.
    Thanks for help guys.

  31. Dominik Ewing

    I am amazed by the fact that Car Chabi is providing so many features in $150. I am really happy about the device. I have a few recommendations for you guys.
    Would it be possible for u guys to enhance the range so that I could control my car from anywhere in the world? I mean can u use internet?

  32. Isaac Levien

    Good thing mates. Thumbs up!

  33. Sophie Dennis

    Excellent technology. Smooth and easy operation.

  34. Anabia Wickens

    I am really excited about the Car Chabi device. I have been recommended this from my friend. Waiting!

  35. Aj Woodcock

    Car Chabi is really simple to use. Their team helped install the device. I hope that keep on doing good.

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